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Recovery Coaching

Landmark Recovery of Denver Recovery Coaching Program

Embark on your journey to a life free from addiction with our comprehensive program, designed to guide you every step of the way toward healing and recovery in Denver.

What is a Recovery Coach in Denver?

A recovery coach is a vital component of drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Denver. Imagine a dedicated individual, equipped with extensive knowledge and a readiness to guide you through each stage of your recovery from substance abuse. At Landmark Recovery of Denver, our coaches are well-versed in addiction and hold certifications to aid patients on their recovery journey. They are your steadfast allies, whether you’re navigating alcohol detox, drug detox, inpatient rehab, or outpatient drug rehab.

Your Personal Guide to Addiction Treatment in Denver

Take the first step towards recovery today by reaching out to us at 720-702-9994.

Introducing Our Landmark Recovery of Denver Recovery Coach Program

Embarking on a year-long journey, we offer support for those seeking treatment for both alcohol and drug addiction. Regardless of your stage in recovery or past experiences, we begin with a comprehensive evaluation. Our certified peer support specialists then create a personalized recovery plan, ensuring you receive tailored support throughout your rehab in Denver.

Program Features:

  • 24/7 crisis support
  • Personalized coaching sessions, adaptable for both outpatient rehab and residential treatment center needs
  • A customized recovery strategy
  • Group counseling sessions to enhance your drug rehab experience
  • An exclusive curriculum aligned with your goals
  • Weekly skills enhancement groups, a crucial component of addiction treatment in Denver

Investing in Recovery: Understanding the Costs

How much does it cost to join a Denver drug rehab or alcohol rehab program? Landmark Recovery of Denver collaborates with a wide range of insurance providers to alleviate the financial burden. For those choosing to pay for the entire program cost, installment plans and financing options are available. Investing in addiction treatment is a crucial step, as it greatly outweighs the detrimental costs of substance abuse.

Insurance Partnerships at Landmark Recovery of Denver

By partnering with leading health insurance providers at both local and national levels, we ensure that your drug and alcohol rehab experience is financially accessible.

Steadfast Support: Denver-Based Recovery Network

Your recovery coach, a fundamental part of your alcohol and drug treatment, utilizes the Recovery Assessment Scale to systematically track your progress. Regular sessions are dedicated to reviewing achievements, refining plans, and recommending additional resources such as sober living arrangements or therapy. Your coach is wholly committed to your recovery, ensuring you have access to the best drug rehab and alcohol rehab services in Denver.

Recovery Group Meetings in Denver

Our group sessions, an essential part of substance abuse treatment centers, offer a space for sharing and learning, bringing you into a community united by a common goal: recovery. As you progress on your path to sobriety, keep in mind that sustained recovery is within reach, especially with the unwavering support of Landmark Recovery.

Ready to learn more about the Recovery Coach program at Landmark Recovery of Denver? Connect with us: 720-702-9994.