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Caring For An Addict

Complete Alumni Support at Landmark Recovery of Denver

Assisting a loved one struggling with addiction in Denver can be an immense challenge. It frequently leads to emotions of anxiety, tension, isolation, and even depression. These issues can also contribute to increasing family conflicts.

Landmark Recovery of Denver acknowledges these difficulties and is committed to supporting residents of Denver.

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Setting Boundaries to Aid Your Loved One

Helping someone with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) requires significant commitment. The role of a caregiver can be overwhelming, potentially leading to feelings of resentment or codependency.

When your loved one in Denver opts for treatment, additional responsibilities may fall on your shoulders. These could range from overseeing finances, transporting them to appointments, or even taking care of their children or pets.

Be cautious of codependency, a condition where you become overly dependent on your loved one, thereby neglecting your own well-being. Establish strong boundaries to avoid this trap. Make it a priority to meet your own needs and consider engaging in therapy or support groups to maintain a balanced life.

24/7 Recovery Specialist at Landmark Recovery of Denver

Assist your loved one in starting their journey toward recovery. Our recovery specialists are on hand 24/7 at 720-702-9994. Consult with them to kickstart your loved one’s path to recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover how Landmark Recovery of Denver can support you and your loved ones

What is the Duration of Rehab?

There’s no universal duration for alcohol and drug rehab. Generally, a 20-30 day residential program is sufficient for helping patients restore functionality. In addition, we provide continued support post-treatment, focusing on self-awareness, responsibility, honesty, clarity, and accountability.

Can I Visit During Treatment?

Definitely. We promote family interactions throughout the course of treatment, whether it’s through counseling sessions, phone conversations, or visits. The involvement of family, even in difficult relationships, plays a vital role in the recovery process.

What is the Cost of Treatment?

The cost of treatment varies based on insurance. We have payment plan options and aim to make addiction treatment accessible to all.

Which Insurance is Accepted?

We accept most major insurance providers. For specific details on insurance, call 888-448-0302.

Is Financial Assistance Available?

Yes, we partner with Prosper Healthcare Lending for loans and offer scholarships to qualified individuals. To discuss financial assistance options, contact us at 888-448-0302.