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Landmark Recovery

Exploring Our Foundations: Landmark Recovery

Landmark Recovery was founded with the goal of making addiction treatment accessible to all. Our mission is to shed light on the journey of transformation, providing individuals with the tools they require to overcome addiction and enabling them to take control of their own stories.

Landmark Recovery home office photo.

The foyer at Landmark Recovery.

Defining the Landmark Experience

We focus on providing tailored care, acknowledging that each person has a unique background and set of challenges. Our 40-hour weekly program includes one-on-one therapy, group discussions, and educational sessions, all designed to delve into the roots of your addiction, identify potential triggers, and guide you on the road to recovery. We commit our time and expertise to ensure you receive exceptional care.

Compassionate Expertise

Our healthcare team is made up of certified professionals dedicated to ensuring a safe transition away from substance dependence. We are equipped to provide emergency medical care and offer intensive support to those in need. Our therapy specialists, who hold master’s degrees and higher, conduct both individual and group therapy sessions, creating comprehensive recovery plans. Additionally, every member of our team undergoes extensive training, guaranteeing their excellence and your successful recovery journey.

Clinically-Proven Programs

Our therapeutic programs are based on rigorous medical and clinical research. Grounded in a proven treatment philosophy, we aim to provide insights into the complexities of addiction recovery and its importance for each individual. Every aspect of your treatment is interconnected, strengthening your path to lasting recovery.

A Legacy of Healing

Having saved over 20,000 lives since 2016, our vision is ambitious but rooted in a steadfast belief in the possibility of recovery. If addiction is overshadowing your life, Landmark Recovery of Denver is here to help. Join the many who have found a renewed sense of vitality and purpose with us.