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Medical Detox

Your Path to Sobriety Begins at Landmark Recovery of Denver

The Risks of Attempting to Quit Substance Use Independently

If you or someone you know in Denver is contemplating quitting drugs or alcohol independently, it’s crucial to be aware of the associated risks. Abrupt discontinuation can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms and psychological distress. Landmark Recovery of Denver offers a medically supervised detox program as a safer and more effective option.

Our Methodology for Medical Detox in Denver, Colorado

At our Denver facility, our specialized team creates a secure environment for individuals struggling with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) to manage withdrawal. Utilizing medications, we alleviate discomfort, paving the way for a smoother journey to recovery. However, our dedication extends beyond detoxification.

Landmark Recovery of Denver can help you overcome addiction

Landmark Recovery of Denver can help you overcome addiction

How We Support Patients in Their Recovery:

  • Address the root causes behind your substance misuse
  • Impart essential coping skills
  • Assist you in managing cravings and resisting the urge to relapse

Our medically supervised detox provides around-the-clock symptom management, using medications designed to help you transition to additional treatments like therapy and outpatient services.

Why Choose Landmark Recovery of Denver for Medical Detox?

  • Individually Designed Detox Plans: We develop personalized detox approaches to handle your specific addiction challenges
  • Streamlined Transition to Rehab: Our Denver center ensures your smooth transition into either inpatient or outpatient rehab, depending on your individual needs
  • Focused Therapeutic Approaches: Our therapeutic methods equip you with effective techniques for safely managing relapse triggers and cravings
  • Persistent Support in Denver: We provide ongoing support through alumni events, recovery living options, and access to recovery coaching right here in Denver

Advantages of Medical Detox at Landmark Recovery of Denver

  • Qualified Medical Team: Our specialists, some with personal experience in recovery, offer valuable guidance
  • Safe & Compassionate Atmosphere: Our Denver center prioritizes your comfort and well-being throughout the detox phase
  • Defined Pathway to Recovery: Our programs provide a structured outline for your journey to recovery
  • Comprehensive Services: We offer all-inclusive treatment options under one roof in Denver, making your route to recovery more straightforward

Need Immediate Assistance?

Our recovery experts are at your beck and call, round the clock. Engage with them today and embark on your healing journey without delay.

Why Opt for Detox at Landmark Recovery of Denver Over Detoxing at Home?

Detoxing without medical oversight is strongly discouraged by healthcare professionals due to potential health hazards such as dehydration, seizures, and cardiac complications. The advantages of choosing a certified detox center like Landmark Recovery of Denver include:

  • Health & Safety: Continuous medical supervision ensures your well-being
  • Symptom Management: Our 24/7 monitoring allows us to swiftly address any unexpected withdrawal symptoms
  • Personalized Care: Our Denver team develops a detox regimen specifically suited to your needs, making adjustments as required
  • Comprehensive Support: We provide counseling, therapy, and educational resources to prepare you for a successful journey to recovery

When Is Medical Detox Necessary?

If you notice that your consumption of drugs or alcohol is leading to increased tolerance and cravings, medical detox should be considered. At Landmark Recovery of Denver, we guide you through the full spectrum of withdrawal symptoms and facilitate your transition into our other treatment programs, all housed within our Denver center.

Landmark Recovery of Denver, your home for expert detox services

Landmark Recovery of Denver, your home for expert detox services

Duration of Alcohol Detox

At our Denver facility, the detoxification process from alcohol is closely supervised. Although alcohol generally leaves your system within a day, withdrawal symptoms can last for several days.

Common Symptoms:

  • Mild: Anxiety, fever, shakes
  • Severe: Elevated blood pressure, seizures, nausea

Further Information and Getting Started

If you or a loved one in Denver needs assistance, call us at any time at 720-702-9994. At Landmark Recovery of Denver, we provide a nurturing setting equipped with the resources and specialists you need to conquer addiction. Make the vital first move toward regaining control of your life in Denver by reaching out to us today.

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